Your Testimony is Needed. Speak Out Against the Bailout for Big Oil.


The following is reprinted from Representative Les Gara of Anchorage.

This is just a reminder that perhaps the most important bill we’ll discuss this year, HB 110,  will be open for public testimony in the House Finance Committee today and tomorrow.

Below is an excerpt paragraph I sent out early this week surrounding the House Finance Committee debate.  Your voice is important as we cast these decisions for our future.

Do you know where your Legislative Information Office is located? Click here for a complete list for around the state.  LIO’s provide the technology needed to communicate the most effectively using the recording systems, and it is encouraged to testify there.  The off-net number will be provided by calling our office, 907-465-2647.

Thursday (today) March 24 from 5pm to 8pm

Friday (tomorrow) March 25 from 3pm to 7pm

Oil Tax Public Testimony

On Monday, the House Finance Committee held a hearing where only those who support the Governor’s $2 billion per year oil tax rollback were invited to speak.  On Thursday and Friday, you get your chance to speak out; something I think should have been allowed at Monday’s hearing.  Testimony will be held at your city’s Legislative Information Office (716 W. 4th Ave. in Anchorage) Thursday, March 24, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM and Friday, March 25, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  If an LIO is not accessible to you, call us and we can provide a call-in number.

Here’s a link to last week’s newsletter, and Anchorage Dispatch editorial, on why I think we can adopt a smarter policy than to simply reduce the state’s share of our oil revenue by $2 billion a year – for potentially nothing in exchange.

Anchorage State Rep. Les Gara


Alaskans are On the Hook


According to analysis, Gov. Sean Parnell’s plan to give oil companies a tax cut bailout will cost the state $10 billion over the next five years.

There are 710,231 Alaskans. Simply put, giving this tax cut to outside oil corporations like BP, Exxon and ConocoPhillips will cost the Alaskan family of four more than $56,000 over the next five years (or $14,079 for every man, woman and child living in this state.)

The Governor’s plan would give the oil companies Alaska’s money with no strings attached. Under this oil tax bailout, oil companies are not required to create a single Alaskan job or spend a single dollar on Alaskan exploration and development in exchange for the cash. And while $56,000 may be a big deal to your family, for the oil companies, it’s a drop in the bucket; Exxon Mobil, for example, reported $30.46 billion in pure profits this past year and recently reported earning $9.25 billion in just the last three months of 2010, its most profitable quarter since 2008.

Think “no strings attached” is the way to go? Please e-mail Gov. Parnell and give him your permission to give your share of the bailout – $14,079 – to the oil companies on your behalf.

Don’t think it’s fair to hand our money over to the oil companies, no strings attached? Send an email to Governor Parnell and your representatives in the Alaska legislature to let them know.

Governor Sean Parnell
Anchorage: 907-269-7450
Juneau: 907-465-3500

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